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Agriturismo San Giovanni al Monte

“I hate the man who eats without knowing what he’s eating.
I doubt his taste in more important things”

Charles Lamb, English Poet (1775-1834)

It took us a while and a lot of work, to transform our old store area into rooms devoted to transform and sell our freshly picked up organic products into your food.

Our work starts in the fields where we cultivate whole grains or in our olive trees wood that is, this year, getting bigger with 250 newly planted olive trees and continues pursuing and respecting our ancestors’ tradition in cooking baking our own bread.

Or the already famous “Torta al testo” that together with the traditional Easter cake or il Bocconcello or the Schiacciate (salt, flat, oily bread), or the jams, make the real difference when it comes to quality.

azienda agricola san giovanni al monte
azienda agricola san giovanni al monte, torta al testo

What is typical in our cuisine


The Torta al Testo is the Queen of our cuisine and once you have tasted it, you will no longer do without and you will do you good, to take it with you, at least a little bit …

The Torta al Testo takes its name from the scorching hot stone where the dough is placed to cook. The Romans used to cook it on a “testum”, a building tile put on burning coal.
This bread is typically made in the province of Perugia and it originally comes from the ancient unleavened bread, made as it is, with flour, water, salt, extra virgin olive oil and today… with yeast.
The Torta al testo can be eaten plain, in replacement of traditional bread, or cut in slices and filled up with ham and pecorino cheese, or sausages or boiled herbs and curbs.

They are cooked one by one and made with our stone ground flour mixed with our olive oil, handmade as per the traditional recipe and the dough is let grow naturally at a room temperature.
Once they are cooked on the testo, they are to let cool down naturally so as to keep intact the quality of the final product and then they are packed in slices in 300 grammes envelopes, with no artificial preservatives added, or in small, round dimensions and delivered fresh.

azienda agricola san giovanni al monte, olio di oliva umbro

What we produce


Around our property we have an olive trees grove made up with cultivars as moraiolo, leccino and frantoiano, that are typical of our DOP area, called “Colli Martani”.

Olives here are still handpicked, ground immediately, as it used to be in the past and harvest goes from the second half of the month of October, till the first week of November, a lapse of time chosen to get the best quality oil, versus quantity, and going along the line of quality, we are proud to say that we are pursuing the process to get the certification and be recognized as an organic farm.

bruschetta umbra e i nostri prodotti del territorio umbro